Safety Is Job 1

D.R. Reynolds is Committed to Safety

Whether your project involves lifting, moving, or transporting, D. R. Reynolds Company offers a variety of operated machines and equipment to clients in industries spanning manufacturing, mining, saw-mill, power facilities and more. From cranes and telehandlers to trailers and rigging equipment, D. R. Reynolds takes pride in our extensive fleet of machines that range in capacities and capabilities to complete both simple and complex projects.  Before the project begins, D. R. Reynolds Company provides on-site consultations, engineered lift planning, and 3D lift simulations to ensure the project is completed efficiently and safely.

R. Reynolds Company employees are accustomed to working in hazardous environments and take pride in maintaining an impeccable safety record. D. R. Reynolds Company’s crews approach each project with a detailed safety plan that recognizes specific risks and how to mitigate those dangers. Job Safety Analysis are performed twice daily on all projects to make sure that all hazards are identified and addressed.

A full-time safety director (authorized OSHA outreach trainer) facilitates weekly training and monitors work in the field to make sure crews always adhere to policies. Having a full-time safety director allows D. R. Reynolds Company to stay up to date on the latest safety practices.